We build and repair OEM and Custom Driveshafts.

Whether you need a custom driveshaft made for an industrial vehicle or automotive application or you need a repair made to your existing driveshaft, we are your number one choice.

All of our Driveshafts are made with high quality parts that meet or exceed OEM tolerances, and are high speed balanced. Not static balanced, like some of our competitors.

We have a large selection of driveshaft tubing, yokes, and u-joints, in stock.

Specializing in new and remanufactured driveshafts for:



  • Domestic and Import  Vehicles
  • 4 x 4's from OEM to Extreme Applications
  • Semi-Trucks – On road and Off road
  • Hot Rods, Race Cars and Rock Crawlers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment and Custom applications


Services we provide:

  • Drive Shaft Repair – Replacement of tube or U-joints
  • Fabricating New Driveshafts – to an OEM length or custom lengths
  • High Speed Spin Balancing of Shafts
  • Shaft Shortening or Shaft Lengthening
  • Re tubing with Heavy Duty tubing for off road Driveshafts
  • End yoke and spline replacement

Contact us to discuss your drive shaft needs.